Main Course

Chicken and Rice Traybake

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The Chicken and Rice Traybake is a flavor nirvana, an invitation to a gourmet fantasy in which the warmth of the Levant meets the eternal excellence of a source of cuisine.


(with or without meat)

Galaya is a gastronomic wonder located in Jordan’s magical region, where the sun-kissed dunes whisper tales of ancient civilizations.

Lamb Koftas

(in tahini or tomato sauce)

A gourmet jewel may be found in Jordan’s heart, where the desert tells its stories to the wind —the Lamb Koftas, a symphony of flavors woven in a tapestry of history and tradition.


A culinary masterpiece that epitomizes the very essence of hospitality and tradition sits in the heart of Jordan, where vast desert vistas resonate with whispers of history. Mansaf, a gourmet masterpiece that pulls the senses into a realm of pleasure, is the name of this royal feast..


Maqluba is a culinary marvel. that lures the senses into a realm of flavor and memoirs, like the pages of a treasured story, amid Jordan’s sun-drenched region, where old traditions and rich landscapes combine.


Moussaka, a dish born of journeys and cultural encounters, is not merely a meal but a voyage through time. It invites diners to savor the essence of history, to relish each bite as if turning the pages of a captivating novel—an epic where flavors transcend borders and civilizations.


In the serene embrace of Jordan’s countryside, a culinary delicacy known as Musakhan arises, a meal that speaks of simplicity, tradition, and flavor harmony. It is a simple yet magnificent dance of ingredients that captures the sense of rustic appeal.


(with or without meat)

Okra, a verdant symphony of flavors that dances across the taste like a poetic composition by nature herself, existing in the lively mosaic of gastronomic pleasures.


In the enchanted kingdom of Jordan, where the ancient and the modern collide, there is a delicious gastronomic encounter—Spaghetti.

Traybake Vegetables

A dish piled high with a colorful mix of veggies, each one a verdant monument to the earth’s bounty.

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