Consider the best cuts of beef or lamb, soft pieces of flesh gently coaxed into succulence. Garlic dances in a fragrant olive oil bath, emitting its intoxicating perfume like the first notes of a vast symphony. In the middle of this delicious overture, plump and juicy crimson-red tomatoes are cut with the elegance of a poet’s quill. They fall into the pan, their vivid sweetness succumbing to the boiling symphony, a passionate dance of flavors. The chili peppers make their appearance, like fiery muses. Their touch adds a spark of passion to the meal, a crescendo of spice that lingers on the palate, an exquisite torture of pleasure. Sliced onions join the cast, their simple sweetness providing a subtle counterpoint to the already powerful personalities. They combine effortlessly, reminding us that harmony is frequently born of difference. What is a narrative without its seasonings? Coriander, cumin, and cardamom—a fragrant trinity from the heart of the Middle East—infuse the air with their sumptuous stories, transforming this meal into an olfactory story. Allow your senses to enjoy in their sensual embrace while these ingredients mix and simmer. Galaya rises from the pan, the culinary incarnation of Jordan’s soul—a masterpiece that embodies the spirit of this ancient region. With warm flatbread, served with dignity. Each mouthful should be savored as if it were a lost epic lyric, a voyage through time and tradition, a tantalizing taste of Jordan’s rich legacy.
My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant