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My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant, located in the heart of the historic city of Petra, is a gastronomic trip that combines history, tradition, and a deep love for real Jordanian, Middle Eastern, Arabic, Lebanese, and Mediterranean food.
Ours is a story of deep-rooted family tradition, a love for conserving ethnic flavors, and a commitment to sharing Petra’s culinary secrets.

My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant in Petra takes immense pride in offering a menu that represents the character of Jordanian cuisine and symbolizes Petra’s heritage. Each meal is a beautiful combination of history, flavor, and affection, inspired by recipes passed down through generations in our family.



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Diners are transported to a place where history and creativity collide beneath the vast canopy of a Bedouin tent.
Here, the precisely prepared culinary choices unfold through a variety a la carte menu that offers an amazing voyage through Jordan’s rich flavors.
Alternatively, one can go on a buffet adventure, partaking in a lively symphony of locally-inspired cuisine that showcase Jordan’s heart and soul.

My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant