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The use of an iron skillet over an open fire celebrates time-honored cooking techniques, infusing each mouthful with a true smokiness and depth that captivates the tongue.
A balance of ingredients is at the core of our Chicken Sagieh—succulent chicken, crisp onions, fragrant garlic, and colorful red and green peppers. This carefully picked collection demonstrates our dedication to authenticity and quality, and it is a monument to the culinary expertise that distinguishes My Mom’s Recipe. A sensory ballet occurs as the flames caress the iron skillet, ending in a meal that not only thrills the taste senses but also captivates the sight with its kaleidoscope of colors.
Our chefs, masters of their craft, infuse the Chicken Sagieh with an amazing blend of spices, where cumin and coriander become the conductors of this flavorful orchestra. Each bite offers a story of Jordanian culinary tradition, a story that transcends time and reflects the ancient allure of Petra. The grace of this culinary masterpiece ensures that your journey into the heart of Jordanian gastronomy is not only delightful but also accessible.
Immerse yourself in an out-of-the-ordinary gourmet adventure, where each visit to My Mom’s Recipe becomes a celebration of Jordanian flavors, skillfully selected to leave a forever imprint on your gastronomic memories.
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