Begin this gourmet sonata by establishing a foundation of exquisite flatbread, like a canvas on which an artist performs. These flatbreads, delicate but durable, beg for a spray of extra-virgin olive oil, anointing them as the foundation for our culinary masterpiece. Tender slices of chicken, reminiscent of farmyards and sun-drenched meadows, are covered with a tapestry of spices in a time-honored technique. Cumin, pepper, and sour sumac, each a different note in this symphony, are generously sprinkled on top of the chicken, ready to reveal their story. The smell that diffuses through the air while the chicken is gently sautéed to perfection evokes images of Jordan’s rich landscapes, where generations have struggled to cultivate the soil. Then comes the showpiece: caramelized to golden perfection onions. They release a fragrant, earthy aroma that evokes stories of family and home, community meals, and stories passed down through generations. Musakhan is built up layer by layer. This culinary opera takes place on a flatbread that has been seasoned with olive oil. The delicate, seasoned chicken is artistically piled upon it. Then a liberal sprinkling of the gleaming, caramelized onions. But it’s not complete without the finishing touch: a lovely spray of toasted pine nuts and sumac, like a diamond garnish on a queen’s diadem. Musakhan is given a harmonized, textural crescendo by these last parts. As you take that first bite, allow the flavors carry you to Jordan’s sun-soaked terraces, where time passes quietly and traditions survive. Musakhan, a rustic masterpiece, is a sensory trip through the labyrinth of life in this ancient land—a reminder that even the most modest foods can communicate the most profound stories.
My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant