Shish Tawook

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Savor the succulence of Shish Tawook at My Mom’s Recipe—juicy marinated chicken skewers, grilled to perfection, a taste of Petra’s culinary mastery!

Shish Kabab

Indulge in perfection with Shish Kabab at My Mom’s Recipe—grilled marinated meat skewers, bursting with flavor, a Petra-inspired culinary delight on your plate!


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Enjoy the best of Kabab at My Mom’s Recipe—succulent grilled meat skillfully seasoned, a Petra-inspired culinary masterpiece that is sheer bliss!

Mixed Grill

Experience a feast of flavors with our Mixed Grill at My Mom’s Recipe—succulent meats, expertly grilled, a Petra-inspired culinary celebration on your plate!

Grilled Chicken

My Mom’s Recipe’s Grilled Chicken will satisfy your demands; it’s delicious and tender, expertly barbecued to showcase Petra’s culinary talent!

Grilled Fish

Delight in ocean-fresh perfection with our Grilled Fish at My Mom’s Recipe—a succulent seafood experience capturing Petra’s culinary essence on your plate!

Lamb Chops

Savor the brilliance of Lamb Chops at My Mom’s Recipe—succulent, perfectly grilled, and a taste of Petra’s culinary artistry that will satisfy your senses!

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