Middle Eastern chicken skewers; healthy meal; taouk; chicken kebabs; Ottoman Cuisine;
Think about a skewer studded with luscious chunks of organic chicken, each marinated with Jordan’s culinary genius. These fragile morsels, caressed by an open grill’s open flames, have a perfume as powerful and enticing as the desert sun. The Organic Shish Tawook, with its rich spice combination, captures the essence of Jordan’s flavors. Every mouthful reveals the balance of garlic, paprika, and citrus zest—the components of a gastronomic experience. The perfectly cooked chicken entices customers to engage in a symphony of flavors. The Organic Shish Tawook at ‘My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant’ immerses you in the authenticity of the region and is at the core of Petra’s eternal legacy. Each taste contains the legacy of organic ingredients as well as the story of Jordan’s culinary tradition—a trip through the lively character of this historic land. It is a plate that embodies the soul of the area, with flavors as vibrant and enthralling as the memories woven into the fabric of this desert environment.
My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant