Seasoned Grilled Fish; fish fillets; fish seasoning; whole fish;
The senses are encouraged to embark on a gastronomic voyage that transcends the centuries here, among the mesmerizing rock-cut architecture—an experience that can only be compared to poetry in action. Savor a dish covered with Grilled Fish, a treasure snatched from the turquoise depths of the Red Sea and converted into a culinary masterpiece. The fish, which gleams like a gem in the desert heat, bears the soul of the sea, a tribute to Petra’s historical position as a crossroads of civilizations. When the fish comes into contact with the cooking embrace of the grill, it surrenders to the heat with a sizzling that echoes Petra’s ancient history. The smoky scent that fills the courtyard invites you to participate in Jordan’s historic traditions—a sensory journey through the legends engraved in stone. The fish, marinated with decades of skill, embraces the culinary traditions of the Levant. The zesty citrus notes, fragrant touch of local herbs, and a sprinkling of Jordanian spices create a symphony of notes that dance across the palette, much like the flickering shadows in Petra’s small Siq. The Grilled Fish is a chapter in the epic story of Petra’s rich legacy in our little eatery—a dish of flavors that harmonize with the voices of history, a meal that remains on the taste like a finely constructed story, waiting to be shared and remembered for generations to come.
My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant