shish kebap; Mediterranean cuisine; doner kebab; lamb; skewered meat; mutton ; kofte;
Visualize a skewer loaded with tender bits of organic meat, each bite caressed by the flames of an open grill. These are no ordinary kababs; they are a monument to the wealth of the country and the culinary expertise of Jordan. The scent of charred perfection pervades the air, promising smoky delicious bliss. The essence of Jordan’s spices is carried in the Organic Shish Kabab, seasoned with wisdom passed down through centuries. A trinity of powerful flavors is formed here by the warm embrace of cumin, the fiery appeal of paprika, and the tantalizing touch of sumac. The luscious and tasty meat entices customers to indulge in a gourmet adventure. Each bite of the Organic Shish Kabab at ‘My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant’ contains the authenticity of organic ingredients as well as the tale of Jordan’s culinary heritage—a trip into the heart of this ancient region. It’s a platter that embodies the essence of the area, with flavors as robust and memorable as the memories made in this arid setting.
My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant