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In this historic setting, where ancient stones whisper tales of time, this vibrant dish shines as a testament to the rich culinary traditions of Jordan.

Tabbouleh is a visually and gastronomically pleasing combination of finely chopped fresh parsley, yummy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and aromatic herbs. Each item indicates Jordan’s abundant land and Petra’s restaurants’ commitment to using locally produced vegetables.

Diners engage on a sensory trip with each bite, a voyage through Petra’s busy marketplaces, where the essence of the region’s notes come to life. The salad is flavored with olive oil, lemon juice, and aromatic spices, which enhance the freshness of the vegetables.

The Tabbouleh appetizer at ‘My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant’ is a reminder that, among the ancient stones and ageless myths, Petra delivers a taste of the Levant’s flavors—an experience that leaves customers wanting more.

My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant