Lentil Soup

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Warm your soul with our Lentil Soup at My Mom’s Recipe—nutrient-packed lentils, aromatic spices, and Petra’s culinary finesse in a comforting bowl. Pure delight awaits!

Vegetable Soup

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Enjoy the richness of our Vegetable Soup at My Mom’s Recipe, which has a combination of fresh vegetables, delicious broth, and Petra’s culinary touch in each warm bowl.

Chicken Soup

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Relish in the heartwarming Chicken Soup at My Mom’s Recipe—tender chicken, wholesome ingredients, and Petra’s culinary mastery in a comforting bowl.

Freekeh Soup

Authentic Petra Freekeh Bowl; Mom's Recipe Restaurant Petra; Freekeh Delight; Middle Eastern Flavors; Jordanian Culinary Experience; Nutrient-Rich Freekeh; Traditional Petra Cuisine; Mom's Secret Freekeh Recipe; Wholesome Grain Bowl; Petra Dining Adventure; Freekeh Feast; Homemade Middle Eastern Goodness; Savory Freekeh Bowl; Petra Foodie Haven; Local Petra Ingredients; Culinary Journey in Jordan; Mom's Signature Freekeh Dish; Petra's Best Freekeh; Petra Gastronomy; Hearty and Healthy Freekeh Delicacy; Petra's Culinary Gem; Petra Food Exploration; Freekeh Fusion; Mom's Culinary Legacy; Petra's Finest Grain Bowl; Authentic Jordanian Freekeh; Mom's Love in Every Bite; Petra's Culinary Tradition; Wholesome Petra Dining; Freekeh Elegance in Petra;

Discover the nutritious pleasure of Freekeh Soup at My Mom’s Recipe, which includes nutrient-rich freekeh, robust veggies and Petra’s culinary expertise in each soothing bowl.

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