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The sizzle and scorch of premium lamb strips, meticulously chosen and perfectly seasoned, creates a symphony of scents that reverberate with the warmth of an open flame.
The iron skillet transforms into a culinary vessel, infusing the lamb with a smoky richness that raises each mouthful to a flavor crescendo. Our culinary artisans create a masterpiece on the canvas of soft and supple lamb morsels, ensuring that every step, from marinating to open-fire grilling, is executed flawlessly.
The star of the show, Lamb Sajieh, is further enhanced the balancing additions of onions, garlic, and fresh red and green peppers. This combination of ingredients forms a brilliant tapestry on the iron skillet, filling the meal with textures and tints similar to of Jordan’s beautiful surroundings. The flavor dance between the lamb strips and these complimentary components is a gourmet joy, with every ingredient contributing to the dish’s delicious sonata.
Our chefs, the guardians of Jordanian culinary tradition, infuse Lamb Sajieh with a proprietary blend of spices, including cumin, coriander, and other carefully selected aromas, raising the dish to new heights of nutrients, ready to be discovered by those with a sophisticated sense of taste looking for an authentic Jordanian culinary experience.
My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant pays homage to Petra’s timeless appeal by fusing tradition and innovation to create a feast of Jordanian delights that are expertly prepared to impress.
My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant