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This dish is a work of plant-based brilliance, converting the simple triad of fresh tomatoes, garlic, and green chill into a gourmet masterpiece that is gently cooked in the best olive oil and served with properly cooked rice.
Along with its visual beauty and the aromatic dance of garlic and tomatoes in olive oil, the Vegetarian Galaya demonstrates culinary innovation. This meal, whether served as a nutritious main course or as a shared delight among friends, appeals to sophisticated palates seeking a true taste of Jordanian vegetarian cuisine.
Vegetarian Galaya at My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant is a masterpiece that enables vegetarians and gourmet lovers to enjoy the complex tapestry of flavors in every bite. It represents a passion to culinary excellence, expertise in preparation, and a desire to provide an unmatched dining experience in Petra.
Each taste invites you to go on a culinary journey through Jordan’s heart, where tradition, creativity, and the essence of Jordanian cuisine come together to exceed all expectations.
My Mom’s Recipe Restaurant